Hello Members,
Gosh how fast this last club year flew by! Summer is drawing to a close, you’d never know it though by the intense heat and humidity.

To our Board of Directors and Community Service Chairwomen, a heartfelt thank you for all you have accomplished this past year. We’ve had some turnover on our board, however we never missed a beat when it came to doing what needed to be done. We met our challenges with style and grace because we care about our members and our community.

GFWC Florida has a new President, Sharon Oliphant who brings so much experience and heart to leading us these next two years. I am looking forward to our club supporting her President’s Project, “Smiles Across The Miles”. Imagine that just $250 would provide your child surgery to repair a cleft pallet or lip but you can’t afford it? “Smiles Across The Miles” helps to pay for mission trips that take volunteer doctors and nurses to far away places to bring hope for these children. President Sharon Oliphant’s goal is to raise $250,000 during her tenure. This is the cost of just one mission trip.

We all should be proud of the work we’ve done here in our little corner of the world. Did you know some of our members get together even during the summer volunteering to make special cards to include in Meals On Wheels for holiday’s? This has been so well received by the recipients, especially those who are home bound with few to no visitors. Our ongoing project of making heart pillows....well we can’t make them fast enough. What started out as something for our local hospital has grown to include nursing homes, hospice, and hospitals beyond our zip code.

I must tell you we could really use your help in this continued effort. If you can’t cut, stuff or sew then would you consider donating fabric, bunting, thread? You never know who or how having this small token of comfort can positively effect a fellow human being, maybe even you.

I hope you will enjoy what is in store for us this coming year. We have some great programs that range from informative to entertaining and a new caterer to provide our lunches. I’ve heard from some of you that this or that could be better, more fun more this or less of that. I hear you and I challenge you to get involved, get connected and bring your ideas forward by being present! You can do this by stepping up to serve on the board, help with our fundraising events, attend the Birthday lunch, play Bunco and Mahjong with us and attend committee meetings to help brainstorm ideas.
This is your GFWC Woman’s Club, you have a say so become an interested, active participant! We have over 190 paid members, where are you Ladies we need you?! Statistics show that if you volunteer and stay connected you will live a longer, healthier and happier life. So get out there, connect and enrich the lives of those all around you!

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A Message from
your President